Web Design Process

 Our Web Design Process Steps

Below is an overview of how a typical web design project flows. For websites up to the $2497.00 range, including any special offers or discounts, a publication/launch date is selected and agreed upon by both client and RWD. The agreement is that the new site will be published on or before that date and that final balance of payment will be made on or by that date. In the event of lack of, or incomplete content, sites may be published with content provided by RWD. After publication, the content can be kept as is or further customized by client or RWD (recommended). RWD will provide up to 2 hrs. of edits and/or training to flow in the new copy and/or images. For all payment options, final payment of balance is due upon publication of new website.

1. Asset Confirmation

All assets are confirmed as being approved and ready for publication

All content for the website, logos, images and text are all prepared, approved and ready to be migrated into the new site. "Assets" referenced here are as defined on Definitions page. Client must also have reviewed and accepted the Terms and Definitions as outlined on the Definitions page and the steps as outlined on this page.

3. Domain Access

Receipt of clients' username and password for domain registrar account (including successful login by RWD).

2. Asset Delivery

All assets have been successfully delivered to Redlands Web Design

All assets must be delivered to RWD as specified in Definitions page.

3. Initial designs sent (Sent to client for review and approval)

RWD may send one design or more.

4. Approval of initial design

Potential design(s) (may be 1 or more) are send to client for review. If initial designs sent are not approved, client is sent link to browse all designs. If no initial designs are approved, project is cancelled and partial refund is given.

Approval of design means that any core edits, custom edits to the basic design/layout may incur additional charges.

5. Initial Site Customization

All assets are migrated and flowed into the approved design. Clients' logo is added to site, colors are adjusted to reflect clients' branding

6. First Draft

Presentation of first draft of new website design with all client assets successfully migrated and flowed into the approved design.

7. Round 1 Edits

Edits to the first draft. Edit requests must be in writing and in project management solution.

8. Second Draft

Presentation of Second Draft to client for review and approval.

9. Round 2 Edits

Edits to the second draft

10. Third Draft (optional)

Presentation of Second Draft to client for review and approval.

11. Round 3 Edits (optional)

Edits to the second draft

10. Final Approval

 Final clickthrough and approval of new site

11. Site Launch

DNS settings are updated on clients' domain and new website is now live. Monthly or annual billing for Managed Hosting is initiated. Final payment for website is due unless project is a Rent-to-Own website.

12. Training

RWD provides up to 1 hr. of training for client on how to make edits to new website, reviews installed plugins, reviews access levels of users and creates any required user accounts for client or staff of client. Includes new account setup for FREE Social Media Management Tool (optional).

13. Support (ongoing)

Support is provided on an ongoing basis as part of our managed hosting. Website edits may or may not be included, dependent upon Managed Hosting Package. Support as defined on Definitions page.