Social Media Content Writing and Posting Service

 We write and post great social media content to your Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin pages.

Save yourself all the time and  trouble of writing and sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and leave the hard work to us.

All services include:

  • Social Dashboard Pro Account
  • In Depth Social Profile
  • Easy 7-14 Day Content Review System
  • Dedicated Content Writer
  • Website Integration Of Feed (Optional)
  • English as Native Language (based here in U.S.)

Social Media Account DescriptionMonthly Fee

Writing and posting to Facebook only. Includes 2 custom daily posts, 3 weekly image posts.$299.00 mo.

Writing and posting to Twitter only. Includes 3 or 4 Daily custom tweets, 3 weekly image tweets.$299.00 mo.

Writing and posting to Linkedin only. Includes 2 custom daily updates.$299.00 mo.
2 Social Media AccountsAny two social media accounts from above.$445.00 mo.
All 3 Social Media AccountsAll three social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin$645.00 mo.