Managed Secure Server (MSS) Platform

 Amazon Web Services Premium Managed Secure Hosting Platform

Our Managed Secure Server Hosting platform includes an additional 22 layers of security for your WordPress website, so you never have to worry about getting hacked and taking days or weeks of additional cost and time. Don't out cheap yourself.

#1: Hide Misc Meta

#2: Hide wp-includes

#3: New wp-includes Path

#4: Hide plugins

#5: New plugins Path

#6: Hide wp-login.php

#7: New wp-login.php Path

#8: Hide wp-admin Folder

#9: Hide wp-signup.php

#10: Hide wp-signup.php

#11: Test that expose_php PHP directive is turned off.

#12: Hide wp-post-comment.php

#13: New wp-post-comment.php Path

#14: Hide misc wp-*.php files

#15: Minify/cleanup css

#16: Minify/cleanup html

#17: Prevents enumeration of usernames and hides it from hackers and scanners.

#18: Prevents installation of vulnerable plugins and automatically deletes them.

#19: Prevents installation of vulnerable themes.

#20: Scans All Your Plugins & Themes For Vulnerabilities Weekly

#21: Automatically updates and blocks known hackers

#22: Weekly Updates and Scans

What does that mean? It means that:

  1. Your site will be on the same hosting company as companies like Netflix, Expedia, Pinterest and Reddit (and more)
  2. Your website will load faster
  3. Your site will have a unique IP address, which is better for SEO
  4. You won't have any bandwidth or disk space issues
  5. Your site's hosting will be managed by Redlands Web Design
  6. And lot's of other stuff that's really complicated, but really good for you.

What's Included:

  • Our AWS hosting works for WordPress and Non-WordPress (html) sites.
  • MSS is available only for WordPress websites.
  • High speed affordable Amazon server.
  • Automatic weekly website backups included.
  • Each backup is automatically saved for 3 weeks.
  • Specific versions can be saved forever (downloaded as .zip file).
  • One click restore backup.
  • Website uptime status is checked every 15 minutes.
  • Auto notification - via Text and/or Email to RWD admin of website status.
  • Auto check WordPress Plugin updates.
  • One click plugin updates.
  • Auto check if new theme versions are available.
  • One click update to new theme version.
  • Entire Cpanel backup daily.
  • Entire Cpanel restored with one click. (New)
  • Secure your website by blocking certain countries.
  • Blocks IP's upon repeated false login attempts.
  • 57 Layers Security Protection with Weekly Updates and Scans of all plugins and themes.
  • One Click SSL certification ordering (wholesale price).
  • Comes with easy to use Cpanels for maximum flexibility.
  • Each Cpanel with a domain gets a unique IP address (good for SEO).