Definitions & Terms

Redlands Web Design (Walker SEO, LLC) has developed these definitions to help projects move as quickly and efficiently as possible and to properly set expectations for clients. Please read carefully.

Design Direction

For the "Basic" and "Standard" options clients are able to choose basic design approach from over 680 proprietary WordPress designs that are customized for client for final design. The "Enterprise" option is a custom WordPress theme that is built to custom specs as required by client. Any edit requests that require changes to the selected fundamental theme may incur additional costs. Typical customization edits included in pricing are: colors, adding custom images, replacing stock images with custom images, adding custom text.


"Content" is everything on the website, all images, videos, pictures and writing/text. A new website project cannot be initiated without all content being ready and organized for delivery to RWD.


All communication between Client and Redlands Web Design (RWD) is via email unless otherwise agreed upon. RWD expects reasonable response time from client, usually within 24 hrs., longer than that may delay launch of new site.

Single Point of Contact

Client is required to designate a single point of contact to communicate with RWD. Any communication from persons other than the designated Single Point of Contact may not be accepted. If a Single Point of Contact is unable to be observed by client additional charges may apply.

Time Frame

All efforts are made by Redlands Web Design (RWD). to complete a new website in a timely manner. The completion of a site can be largely dependent upon a client so Redlands Web Design reserves the right to cancel a web design project if content and assets for site are not received in a timely manner or if approvals required for launch are habitually contradicting or unusually protracted. Upon such cancellation no refunds are available and client has right to all assets created for client by Redlands Web Design.

Site Launch

If content, text, images, etc. are not received and/or decided upon (new stock images, etc.) within 5 working days, the new site will be launched with sample content and payment in full will be due. In such a case, RWD will add custom and/or new stock images after site launch. RWD will make up to 2 rounds of edits, including no duplicate edits and only one image replacement per image. Any edits in addition to this will incur additional fee.


 All edits must be requested in writing. Edits will not be taken over the phone or in person. Requested edits must be clear and specific, a lack of either may incur additional time and additional charges. "Clear" means that the specific page where the edits are to be completed must be included in the edit request, at least by exact page name, or preferably, include link to the page in question. "Specific" means client specifies the exact requested location of the graphic, image or text on the relevant page. If such specificity is not provided by client and RWD makes the decision regarding the placement, location, etc., additional charges will be incurred if further edits are requested. We want to try to avoid unnecessary edits.

Edits must be provided to RWD in line item format. Verbal, in person, over the phone or edits in paragraph form via email will not be accepted.

To help with edit requests we recommend using Jing, it is a free tool that allows you to make screenshots and add boxes, arrows and text, etc. to describe and/or clarify edit requests, locations, etc. Clients are also free to use whatever screenshot software they like.

NOTE: Adding and/or editing website copy while the site is under construction is highly discouraged as amount of text and type of content may affect the new design. If existing content needs to be revised to accommodate the new design dummy text will be flowed in to provide preview of how it will look, a word count will be generated and given to client, client may then provide copy that has desired word count and new copy may then be flowed into the new design.


All images must be delivered to RWD via email as individual files, compressed/zipped files or shared filing system, like Dropbox, etc.

Location of images must be clearly specified by client.

Image editing is not included in any website pricing unless specifically addressed and agreed upon. Image editing includes: resizing, cropping, renaming, organizing or any edits to an original image. Images must be individually named and the names of the images must coincide directly to the content of each image.

Stock Images

All new website designs come with stock images. Client can use these stock images or replace them with their own custom images. RWD does not provide custom images. RWD may include new stock images if requested by client at an additional cost. All custom images must be provided by client. RWD reserves the right to advise client if custom image is of poor enough quality to negatively affect the design, look and feel of the website. We want the site to look as good as possible. Custom images must be of high quality.

Any additional stock images that are added to the site other than the original ones will incur additional costs. If client does not request for a specific image and RWD is instructed by client to choose, additional fees will incur if selected image is not approved by client. Client may browse online images services of their choice, purchase image and provide image(s) to RWD. RWD reserves the right to send link of image service such as for client to browse and pick desired images.

It is clients' responsibility to make sure they have the right to all content, writing and images on the website.


RWD does not provide copywriting or copy editing services. All copy (the writing that's on the website) must be provided by client. Copy that is provided to RWD must be final version and approved by client. Any edits to copy that has already been posted to website will incur additional charges.


"Support" is defined as something with the website that is not functioning as it was designed to. Support hours are typically Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm excluding holidays, vacation days or any days off for personal time, sickness, family emergency, etc. Response time is 24 to 48 hrs. dependent upon day of the week, issue and current production work load. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible. All support requests or issues must be sent to RWD via email.

SEO Training

RWD is not an SEO Training school, the SEO training we provide is basic and not intended to be anything more. It is enough for you to do proper SEO for your own site. Ranking of the website is not guaranteed.

Limitations in CMS

The WordPress CMS and the editing dashboard for your new website is designed to allow a non-technical person to do common, day-to-day, simple edits. It has limitations. To make any changes or edits outside of the scope of the Dashboard editor requires a coder. RWD offers these services at an hourly rate.


All billing is done via email. Client will receive monthly invoices for Managed Hosting. It is the responsibility of client to make sure their account is up to date. Any accounts that are over 3 months due on any Managed Hosting plan are subject to permanent and irreversible deletion of the website.

All late payments, over 30 days, will incur a late fee of 10%.

One time payments, large payments (over $1000.00) and progress payments may be made by check. All Managed Hosting is payable only via email.

Rent To Own Plan

The Rent To Own plan is a payment agreement and an installment agreement. All 12 payments are due. If any payments are not made the website is subject to deletion and any outstanding payments will be turned over to a collection agency. Upon default of payment the website in question immediately becomes the property of RWD with the exclusion of the copy and any custom images.

Upon successful completion of the 12 payments on the Rent To Own plan the website becomes the property of client and is transferred into a Managed Hosting plan of their choice.

A down payment may be required for the Rent To Own plan. Monthly payments will be lower if a down payment is required.

Hosting & Managed Hosting

All hosting is not the same. The two types of hosting discussed here are 1. Shared, Non-Managed Hosting and 2. Managed Hosting. All RWD plans include managed hosting on Amazon Web Servers. This is a step up from the Shared Hosting plans that are the most common. Our platform is managed in a 3 tier system, first by RWD personally, then by the Direct Provider for RWD then finally by Amazon Web Services. A Shared Hosting environment is either not managed or managed by client directly.

"Managed Hosting" means that RWD monitors and manages any issues that may arise from hosting. Potential issues may range from a site being hacked and then needing to be repaired/restored, using too much bandwidth due to bots, inefficient use of disk space (a Content Delivery Network or CDN may be required or recommended), backing up the site regularly, managing users or ex-users, resetting passwords and more.  

Although no one can completely prevent a site hack or hosting issues, our Managed Hosting plans are designed to give you, our client, stability, security and peace of mind knowing that the hosting for your site is being watched, monitored and managed on your behalf.

Clients are not obligated to host with RWD and may host with any company they choose. Pricing on the Pricing page is based upon websites being hosted by RWD. Non-RWD hosted sites may be priced slightly higher, as well as editing costs.