Our Clients

Events by Michael
Loma Linda, Ca.

Issue: Michael Brummer is an event planner and needed a website to get more business. Since he was a startup, budget was a major concern to him. He also wanted the site to look clean and make a very professional presentation, even though budget was an issue.

Solution: New website on a shoestring budget

Michaels new website looks great, in part, to the beautiful photographic images throughout the site. This illustrates how important good photography can be. The images are set in a nice clean background and really pop on the page. This website is Michael's main source of new business for his Event Planning company. Next time you need a great event planner with a crazy attention (we should know) to detail, call Michael Brummer, very organized and has great taste.
Jay, Cobb & Marley
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.
Jay, Cobb & Marley, Inventory Appraisals

Issue: This was a perfect example of a dying website. It had not been edited in about 6 years. Many clients don't realize the benefit of regular editing and adding content on a regular basis. They were paying for PPC, Google Adwords, but didn't know what their traffic was and had no access to the site to make edits even if they wanted to. It was a little outdated and not SEO friendly.

Solution: Website redesign in Joomla! CMS, on-page SEO

The new website was a custom design created in Joomla! Content Management Solution. This allows the client to make their own edits as often as they like. This keeps the website up to date and helps improve rankings, which increases traffic and increases business!

Speech Path
Redlands, Ca.
Your Speech Path, Speech Therapy, Redlands, Ca.

Issue: This is a new website and new company, Rachel Cabuhat, SLP, a speech therapist in Redlands wanted to start her own private practice and needed a website to do so. She had a Facebook page but adding a small website can make a big difference in garnering queries, interest and new clients from the Redlands and surrounding areas.

Solution: Simple web design, on-page SEO, monthly minimal off-page SEO

We continue to work with Rachel on content development as content can play a crucial role in terms of being found online. Redlands is a very small geographical target market, so this should not be a big challenge for us. Our goal is to have the site provide leads for anyone in the Redlands area looking for a Speech Therapist.

Pure Stroke Putting Aid
Colton, Ca.
My Pure Stroke Putting Aid

Issue: This is a new company selling a new product online. It is a revolutionary, effective, simple and affordable putting aid, putting training tool developed by David Hopkins. The problem was with their old site, they could not edit it themselves and it had a landing page with a video on it. It also had only a handful of pages. The way the landing page was built literally stopped the search engines. Google could not find it if it wanted to.

Solution: Website Re-Design, Monthly On-Page and Off-Page SEO

The new site has about 5 times more content than the original one. We designed the landing page to raise conversion rates to be as high as possible. Each page has been optimized with keyword optimized headings, page titles, h1 tags and Search Engine Friendly URL's.

Monique's Personal Training
Redlands, Ca.
Moniques Personal Training, Redlands, Ca.

Issue: One of our existing clients, Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness, located in Redlands, Ca. on Tennessee St., wanted to penetrate the personal training market deeper so we created a separate website just for that purpose. This is a great example how we integrate marketing with our Internet services.

Solution: Website Design, Basic SEO

The new website creates a niche product development for our client so that they now get leads from both of their websites www.ultimatekick.com and www.moniquespersonaltraining.com. This was a custom design and continues to provide leads for our client.

Redlands Executive Suites
Redlands, Ca.
Redlands Executive Suites, Office Space Redlands

Issue: This was a brand new site, but was not Search Engine Optimized. It had minimal content with no consideration for keywords. It was also built in a Content Management Solution (CMS) that was limiting. It had a fake counter on it as well, which gave erroneous information to the client. It was not ranking well at all for main search phrase "Office Space, Redlands". It was ranking #100 in Yahoo Search results and number 25 in Google for that phrase before we rebuilt it.

Solution: Website Re-Design, on-page and monthly organic SEO

We performed extensive keyword research first, then rebuilt the website and made it more Search Engine Friendly. It was built in BigWebsiteBuilder.com CMS. The client was able to add more content and more images and make changes that they could not make with their other CMS. We also provided training on-site for both basic SEO strategies and training for the CMS program. We are also providing Local, Organic SEO services that will include the installation of sitemap for Google, Yahoo and Bing!, registration to G,Y & B, writing articles, submission to local directories and monthly link building. We installed Google Analytics, as we do with all of our clients, to replace the phony counter. It is now ranking #1 for search term "Office Space, Redlands" in Yahoo and is up 14 spots to #9 in Bing. It is currently ranking #2 in Google for that search term.

Fibrwrap Construction, Inc.
Ontario, Ca.
FibrwrapConstruction.com website

Issue: Like many of our customers, this client was receiving nominal amount of website traffic and virtually no leads from the existing site. The site hadn't been redesigned in years and looked a little dated and didn't fairly represent the company. The client did not realize that they were losing thousands of potential customers by having such a limited online presence.

Solution: Website Re-Design, monthly organic SEO

The website was re-designed to be Search Engine Friendly, new content, pages and images were all added. We increased the size of the website by about 150% and are still adding to it. We started the design by performing a keyword analysis to find out what people were really typing in when searching for this company's products. Within the first 7 days of the launch of the new website, the company received over 5 new business queries directly from the site, representing over 1 million dollars in potential sales.

Smokey Mountain Catering


Temecula, Ca.


Issue: The client was receiving nominal amount of website traffic and virtually no leads from his existing site. They were also having problems trying to make simple edits to the site. The edits were simple, like small changes in pricing or menu changes and it would take weeks to get done, as they had to rely on a webmaster.

Solution: Website Re-Design and local SEO

The website was re-designed to be Search Engine Friendly, meaning it was easy for search engines to find it and properly index all of the pages. We started the design by performing a keyword analysis to find out what people were really typing in when searching for this company's products. The second thing we did was build the site in a Content Management Solution (CMS). This allows the client to make simple day-to-day edits themselves, saving them time and money. The new site brings them over $7,000.00 worth of new leads every month.

Centerpoint Church


Colton, Ca.

Centerpoint Church, church-web-design

Issue: The site was not being found locally  and not listed in many of the local directories, such as yellowpages.com, superpages.com, yelp.com, etc. Centerpoint Church website was using a Content Management Solution, but was not receiving the traffic they expected for the local area. Upon initial research, we found that they were not registered with many of the local directories which explained why they were not showing up in the local search directories.

Solution: Local Search Solution, SEO
Our Local Search Solution registers and maintains hundreds of listings on local search engines, local directories and local data providers. Over a 1 month period, the church website saw an increase in traffic of 86%. Traffic to the site continues to increase as it can take up to 4 months for full propagation of our Local Search Solution.

Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness


Redlands, Ca.

Kickboxing website

Project Description:
Website Re-Design

Issue: The existing website design was about 5 years old and needed a new look. We re-designed the site with a fresh new look, incorporated their new logo and did it all in a Content Management Solution so that they could make minor day-to-day edits themselves, and save money from not having to pay a webmaster to make simple edits.

Solution: We built the new site as a "Google Compliant" site, meaning the site is found easily by Google and all other major search engines. The new site brought in more traffic than the old site and now currently brings in 3 to 7 new students per month. The site only costs the client $40.00 per month and brings in approximately $300.00 a month in new business.

Arts That Work


Westlake Village, Ca.

arts that work, ecommerce website

Project Description:
New ECommerce Website Design

Issue: This client had relationships with many artists and wanted to create a website that she could sell their products online. The art was all original and included paintings, oil, acrylic, custom handbags and other custom artwork.

Solution: To help keep costs down, we used PayPal as an ECommerce solution for this client. We also created the website in a Content Management Solution so that the client could add new art, make edits and add copy as needed. We also provided training for the client on setting up new PayPal buttons for new artwork what would need to be added. We included a blog on this site to help drive traffic. This client sold one painting for over $700.00 off of the site within the first 30 days it was up.

Chamber of Commerce


Fontana, Ca.

Chamber of Commerce Website

Project Description:
Website Re-Design

Issue: This Chamber of Commerce in Southern California had an old outdated website, and the site was not being used for gaining new members, communication with members or increasing the visibility of the local Chamber or it's events.

Solution: This website was re-designed, Search Engine Friendly and now incorporates many elements including an online calendar to show members upcoming events, advertising and sponsorships from members and advertisers, featured local businesses and the ability for new members to join and pay for their membership online. Members can now also renew their membership online.

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